7 best sustainable jewellery items

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Read on for our guide to supporting local jewellery brands who maintain sustainable business practices.

7 best sustainable jewellery items
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! All things considered, anyway. It’s time to reflect on how you’ve spent your year, get ready to set new goals, spend quality time with loved ones, and of course – presents!

It can be conflicting to want to spoil your family and friends with gifts while also wanting to be mindful of which sustainable businesses to support during this time. We’re here to help! Here’s a list of local jewellery brands that have beautiful and sustainable items in their catalogues.

1. The globe necklace designed by Ulrikke Vogt for the Norwegian Church Aid

How about contributing to changing the world for the better while at the same time buying some dazzling jewellery? Support the Norwegian Church Aid’s work by buying the beautiful globe necklace designed by Ulrikke Vogt in cooperation with goldsmith Heyerdahl. The necklace is meant to symbolize peace, reconciliation, sustainability, and love. All Heyerdahl jewellery is made by sustainable materials (including recycled materials). The necklace is designed to be used together with two other designs by the same duo – the waterdrop bracelet and the mummy’s heart necklace (the perfect gift for any amazing mums out there).

The income from the jewellery supports the NGOs work to ensure safe births, clean drinking water, reduced poverty, and a sustainable future.

2. The Noën Grace ring from Heyerdahl

The Noën collection is designed by German couple Claudia and Malte Schindler and is specifically designed with Mother Nature in mind. The collection is made using Fairtrade gold, which is sourced exclusively from small-scale mines and the miners receive more than a set minimum price for the gold. The jewellery is organic and the gold is cleaned using traditional methods. This means it's cleaned without using chemicals with damaging effect on the environment, such as cyanide and sulfuric acid. Noën also contributes to projects that aim to help the local population around the mines to a better future.

3. Handmade necklace from People Tree at Grønt Skifte

Grønt skifte is one of Norway’s largest shops for ethically and organically produced clothes. Not many people think of jewellery pieces when it comes to this online store, but we found this lovely handmade necklace from People Tree. Ethically made and verified by the World Fair Trade Organisation, it is also organic. The perfect gift for your girlfriend, sister, mother or mother-in-law.

4. The recycled knot ring from SAFIRA

Know someone who would love a stylish ring while at the same time promoting sustainability? Yes? Then have a look at the recycled Silver Collection on the SAFIRA website. The collection is made from 100% recycled material. It is worth noting that recycled gold and silver have the same quality and are just as shiny as newly extracted metals. SAFIRA is one of Scandinavia’s largest jewellery manufacturers and has a focus on sustainability, which includes using recycled gold and silver. They have wide range of collections – you'll find it hard to stop browsing.

5. An XOXO 21 ring from Ariviera

The perfect ring to give (or get) from a loved one. The two rings cross each other at two points, making up XOXO, symbolizing hugs and kisses. One of the rings has 21 small diamonds on it. The XOXO 21 rings were designed by Celina Karine, inspired by the love of her life. How romantic! Ariviera was established by Norwegian Sivert Remen in 2019 and sells beautiful sustainable jewellery.

6. The mini leaf necklace by Monica Bakka

Looking to go local? Look for jewellery certified by Norwegian Made, which certifies sustainable high-quality products made in Norway. Monica Bakka makes necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelet by hand in Stavanger. She has quite a wide collection, and we love her mini leaf necklace. If you have any special requests you can also contact her for custom made items.

7. Chevron silver earrings from Etisk Mote

Looking for a small gift for a friend? How about these Fairtrade certified earrings from Etisk Mote, which come from Bombolulu Workshops in Mombasa, Kenya – a business who provides a safe workplace for people with disabilities. Bombolulu is known for beautiful and simple handmade jewellery. We also love this silver necklace.

To sum it up, when looking for sustainable jewellery:

• Buy products of high quality which will last long

• Buy jewellery in materials such as gold, silver, platina, often this will consist of recycled materials (and it can easily be recycled)

• Buy jewellery made from recycled materials

• By Fairtrade certified products

• Buy organic products

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