5 best sustainable jewellery items

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Read on for our guide to supporting local jewellery brands who maintain sustainable business practices.

5 best sustainable jewellery items
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! All things considered, anyway. It’s time to reflect on how you’ve spent your year, get ready to set new goals, spend quality time with loved ones, and of course – presents!

It can be conflicting to want to spoil your family and friends with gifts while also wanting to be mindful of which sustainable businesses to support during this time. We’re here to help! Here’s a list of local jewellery brands that have beautiful and sustainable items in their catalogues.

1. The Live Light Rose Quartz Bracelet from Faithful to Nature

Faithful to Nature has been an invaluable service during these quarantine times. Especially because they actually deliver to any address in South Africa, making it accessible to most South Africans. All of that considered, not many people think of jewellery pieces when it comes to this online store. Faithful to Nature has a range of eco jewellery that is “mindfully made, environmentally focused”. This even comes down to the packaging they use to deliver the items to you. The packaging they use is mostly recyclable and/or biodegradable. They have a beautiful range of gemstone bracelets. Get their “Live Light Rose Quartz Bracelet”.

2. The Grassveld Pendant from Ashley Heather Jewellery

Not only does Ashley Heather have a beautiful collection of fine jewellery, they also have a business model that is specifically designed with Mother Nature in mind.  “We believe that while some metal mining may always be necessary, ultimately our most important extraction operations should be taking place in scrap yards and recycling centers rather than sensitive ecological areas and ancestral lands", says Ashely Heather. Although currently postponed due to the pandemic, they also host workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg so that you can have the opportunity to make some Jewellery of your own – gift it or keep it for yourself. They currently have a workshop penned for 8 February 2021 to make a gold zodiac pendant. If you’re looking for a simpler gift to be used even sooner, how about this Grassveld Pendant from their Signature Collection.

3. The Table Mountain Silhouette Necklace from Kiira African Fine Jewellery

This brand prides itself on jewellery that is kind to the earth that it gets its resources from. Everything you see on the site is local, handmade, and sustainably sourced – even down to their handmade boxes using wood sourced from Cape Town.

“From the ethical sourcing of raw materials through to the packaging and sale of our product we aim to bring about positive change to both the people as well as the land we touch throughout the value chain.”

Because of the nature of their business, no two items are exactly the same. Making each piece sold unique to its future owner. They have very impressive collections already on sale but also offer custom-made fine jewellery. If you feel more comfortable making the purchase from home, you can email and ask for a consultation to get custom work done – meaning you can get a unique, custom-made piece from anywhere in South Africa. If you’re looking for a piece from one of their collections, might we suggest one of these gorgeous Table Mountain Silhouette Necklaces from the collection called Intaba (meaning mountain).

4. The Starry Night Necklace from Black Betty Designs

Black Betty is a local jewellery and piercing studio. They have a wide range of collections including a Birth Stone Collection, Wedding Jewels and Men’s Jewellery. According to Black Betty, “We only work with precious and semi-precious metals and stones, therefore, honouring the earth and its’ beautiful materials of gold, silver and natural gemstones.” This studio is very well known as a piercing studio and offers a “curated ear” service. This means you can set up an appointment with them to help you with curating an ear-piercing set that is unique to your ear shape and your personal style. To give the gift of piercing, you have the option of visiting their Johannesburg or Cape Town studio.

If you’re more interested in shopping for a single piece, you have the option of gifting your loved one with this “Starry Night Necklace” from their “Pinky Swear” collection. This piece is made to order and has a manufacturing time of 2-3 weeks. So, keep that in mind when shopping.  

5. Chrysoprase Chain Earrings from Janine Binneman Jewellery

This is a store that values creating and preserving memories for its customers through the jewellery they make. The Janine Binneman promise states: “We promise to commit to living our values, our beauty, and joy, to be environmentally conscious…” They have a colourful collection of pieces that range from the slightly more affordable to more fine jewellery pieces. We particularly like this pair of sterling silver earrings with Chrysoprase stones.

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