A roundup of Oslo’s best vegan restaurants

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In celebration of World Vegan Month it’s time to try some new vegan dishes!

A roundup of Oslo’s best vegan restaurants
November is World Vegan Month – a month to celebrate a plant-based diet and to highlight the vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re vegan, regularly eat vegan, or have never tried it before there are (surprisingly for some) thousands of delicious vegan recipes and amazing vegan restaurants that deserve some extra attention this month.

Why eat vegan food?

There are a few good reasons to eat (more) vegan. It can be healthier – research shows that consuming a lot of animal fats and proteins is linked to diseases such as heart disease, colon and lung cancer and diabetes. A plant-based diet can also be less calorie-dense. Of course, if you’re eating nothing but plant-based deep fried food and dessert, it still won’t be a healthy diet.

Another reason many people choose to go vegan is that eating plant-based food is more compassionate – as one does not need to kill or exploit any animals while producing the food.

Lastly, a plant-based diet is more sustainable and by going vegan one reduces one’s “footprint” or the negative impact one has on the environment. As David Attenborough says: “The planet can’t support billions of large meat-eaters. There just isn’t the space”. The vegan calculator allows you to estimate the impact a vegan lifestyle will have on the environment. E.g. going vegan for one month is estimated to save 125 000 litres of water, 543kg of grain, 84 sq. meters of forest, 273kg of CO2, and 30 animal lives! Sounds like a good reason to go vegan for (at least) a month – or just eat more vegan meals in general.

Also, vegan food is delicious! And if you haven’t tried many vegan dishes you have some amazing new meals to look forward to!

So, where to find yummy vegan food?

With this increased awareness, many people are looking to reduce their consumption of meat. Over the last decade there has been a change of attitude and a significant increase in the number of vegans and those who eat vegan frequently, both internationally and in Norway, most of them being young people. As a result, the number of vegan restaurants in Norway is rising. Below are some great places to try in Oslo.

Loving Hut Oslo and Vegan Loving Hut

Bjerregaards gate 6 and Fredensborgveien 29

A vegan restaurant chain with 200 restaurants across the world, offering vegan burgers, wraps, pizzas, salads, soups, noodles, raw food, and cakes. There are two restaurants in Norway, both located in Oslo. Each restaurant has its own owner, and for this reason the menus for each vary. All meals are made with only wholesome, plant-based ingredients. Find them on Facebook.

Nordvegan Cafe and Restaurant

Kristian IVs gate 15B

This deli restaurant focuses on healthy, nutritious, and plant-based food, and offers a wide range of warm and cold foods with appetising recipes combining contrasting culinary traditions and techniques. The menu changes every day to ensure you can try new dishes every time you visit, along with popular dishes which are available daily.  All meals can be eaten in the restaurant or taken away for lunch or dinner. Find them on Instagram.

Funky Fresh Foods

Hausmanns gate 16

A small 100% vegan café offering a small, but yummy vegan menu, which includes wraps, salads, burgers, soups, and curries. A perfect place to come for brunch, lunch, early dinner or for delicious vegan cakes and coffee. The food is made using organic and local ingredients. The café is in the same building as DOGA. Find them on Instagram.

OSLO RAW Adamstuen and OSLO RAW Frogner

Ullevålsveien 32B and Skovveien 16

The place to go if you are looking for something sweet. There are two locations, both offering plant-based treats, cakes, coffee, smoothies, salads and much more. The cakes are made to be enjoyed and are filled with healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins to ensure that they not only taste good, but that they are good for you too. The owner, Tiril Refsum, has also published two bestselling cookbooks, if you looking to bake your very own plant-based cakes, free of gluten and refined sugar. Find them on Instagram.

Or cook vegan yourself! There are a number of great places to find vegan recipes online.

Happy World Vegan Month everyone!

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