Aurora 2.0 is in beta

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Welcome to the new Aurora, say goodbye to waiting for your email and say hello to your own dashboard.

Aurora 2.0 is in beta

We’re always trying to make Aurora tools better for the community. We noticed that people were having problems receiving our quiz results mails, so we built the Aurora version 2 dashboard. Users also told us they wanted an easy way to invest sustainably, and measure the impact of where their money is going. That can now be done in South Africa and will be available elsewhere soon. We hope these new improvements make it easier to live your best sustainable lifestyle!

When building new technology there are always two givens:

  1. Things will go wrong and don’t always work
  2. Awesome early adopters will use the technology and give us feedback

The second one is exactly who we think our Aurora community members are. So if you use the Aurora version two and experience issues, please let us know here and we’ll do our best to sort out the issue.

Thanks for helping us save the world!

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