How does your score compare?

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So, you’ve taken the quiz and you’ve got your score. How do you know how it compares to others in your area?

How does your score compare?
So, you’ve taken the quiz and you’ve got your score. How do you know how it compares to others in your area? You’ve come to the right place.

Average scores per region

Right now, the average scores look like this:

California – 48

Texas – 42

Norway – 58

South Africa – 46

Why is my score so low?

The data mentioned in this article is based on the responses from people who took our quiz. And we imagine that someone who takes the time to fill in the quiz is already interested in sustainable living. So while we will tell you the averages of our quiz-takers, we assume there are a lot of people doing much worse, and not even interested in how to do better. So give yourself a pat on the back and keep on going!

Secondly, in order to get full marks (100 in this case) you’d need every single area of your life to be as sustainable as possible, for which the western world simply isn’t set up. It’s frustrating. We know. Everyone in the Aurora team is on this journey with you. So rather than despairing at a score lower than you hoped, try to look for areas you can improve, and start educating your friends and family about sustainability. We all live on the same planet, so we’re all in this together.

Why do you separate scores per region?

Great question, thank you for asking!

Different regions have different sources of power. For example, the South African power grid has almost no renewable energy powering it, meaning that someone who lives in South Africa will get lower scores on energy than someone using the same amount of electricity per month in Norway, where the grid is much cleaner.

There are also other variables like the price of fuel, fuel types, modes of transport, number of household appliances and home heating / cooling methods.

So, when you choose your region, you’re helping us make a much more accurate calculation for you.

What are the actual carbon emissions?

Another good one! You’ve got all the best questions today.

Average emissions in each location look like this:

Texas – 288kg per person per week

California – 205kg per person per week

SA – 150kg per person per week

Norway – 115kg per person per week

Now, can you tell me some fun facts?

Sure! Keep reading.

Norway recycles the most by far.

Norway come in with a whopping 4 bags per person on average per week, South Africa and California in tie with 2.5 bags per person, And Texas follows very closely with about 2.3 bags per person. Of course, this doesn’t mean Norwegians can walk around with halos over their heads. Less recycling could mean a lifestyle that uses less packaging in general, like buying food from “nude” stores and farmer’s markets.

Who drives the most?

No surprises here. Quiz-takers who live in Texas drive 143km per week on average, followed by South Africans at 134km per week, then Californians at 120km and finally Norwegians at just over 110km.

A whopping 25% of Norwegian quiz-takers drive electric cars, followed by California at 5%, Texas at 2% and South Africa at a (not very shocking) 0%. Another interesting fact? The Norwegian government has made it easy for car owners to choose electric cars. They offer tax reductions and subsidies, free parking and lower annual fees. This is in line with their goal of selling no more petrol or diesel cars from 2025 onwards.

How can I improve my score?

Head over to our blog where you’ll find loads of interesting ways to live more sustainably, plus interesting articles on how to do so.

Send us your feedback

We know that this quiz is not exhaustive and doesn’t ask about every single aspect of your life. We’ve tried to make our calculations as accurate as possible, but if you have comments or suggestions for us, please let us know on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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