The best local vegan Instagram accounts to follow

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If you’re looking for inspo we’ve got you covered with our list below.

The best local vegan Instagram accounts to follow
Norway is going vegan at a fast pace – at least it seems that way, judging from the many vegan book releases, restaurant concepts, online shops and influencers.


Hanne-Lene Dahlberg has made a name for herself, quite literally: Vegetarentusiasten! (The vegetarian enthusiast). The former Google analyst wants to inspire us to eat more vegetables, and so she does with infectious energy and colourful vegan food that makes the taste buds tingle just by looking at it. Last year she published her first cookbook – En skikkelig digg kokebok – kjøttfri favorittmat. Now she isn’t just making a sequel, she’s also started her own publishing company! Hanne-Lene is a great role model and probably the country’s most enthusiastic advocate of plant-based food.


Irina Smit started the small catering company Happy Foods several years before finally opening her long-awaited café with the same name. In the small but cosy venue, Irina and her colleagues serve up the most delicious plant-based and healthy lunch bowls as well as heavily decorated sweet or savory waffles and amazing beetroot lattes. Recently, she also published a book Happy Foods, bringing her colourful goodies into our homes. Happy Food’s Instagram is a rainbow feast of flavours, brightening the greyest of days.


Vegan sisters Anette and Susanne Bastviken have a shiny happy approach to green living, and their Instagram is a natural (pun intended) and an extension of their popular blog and podcast by the same name. Last year, they also published the book Jordnært, full of green tips to live more sustainably, and this summer they became co-founders of the sustainable flip-flop brand @shopsleepers. Their Instagram is full of big smiles, plant-based food, nature and their two dogs.


Mia Frogner was one of the country’s first renowned vegetarian food bloggers, and a couple of years ago she went vegan. As a mum tot a toddler, Mia endorses a doable and down-to-earth vegan lifestyle, creating mouth-watering dishes in the process. Mia is also environment and food manager at the music festival Øya, but that didn’t stop her from recently publishing her third cookbook, Mer enn Mett. Uncompromising and inspirational, the Green Bonanza blog and Instagram account are both completely ad-free.


The raw, organic and vegan café concept Oslo Raw has become a well-known phenomenon in Oslo, and now counts three different locations. The green superwoman behind it, Tiril Refsum, recently became a mum to both a daughter and a puppy, Simba. The passionate and productive founder has a strong focus on pleasure and self-care and is definitely living her brand as queen of her green empire. A profile bursting with good vibes and pastel-coloured treats!


Jane H. Johansen started Veganmisjonen as early as 2009 and has two vegan cookbooks under her belt – Kjøttfrie burgere and Veganmat på sitt beste. Jane alternates between serving up the recipes in her captions and referring to her blog – and effortlessly proves how varied and tasty vegan food can be. From home-made spreads to dinners and cakes, @veganmisjonen is inviting and far from preachy like the name might imply.


Not a place for recipes, @vegannorway is a guide to vegan friendly eateries in the largest cities of Norway: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger. Informative and inspirational, the Instagram profile and website cover new and cool restaurant concepts, the best vegan takeaways and book recommendations. Vegan Norway also has an app – making it easier for plant-based foodies to eat out across the country.

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