We won something!

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Thank you for voting for us and making us the winners of the Noonies 2020 Best Use of Tech For Good award.

We won something!
We’re grinning from ear to ear having won in the Best Use of Tech For Good category at the 2020 Noonies Awards with a total of 4,055 votes. We know awards aren’t everything and at the end of the day what motivates us is doing what we can to make the world a little better – but winning doesn’t hurt either.
Thank you to our community for voting for us!

If you’re new to Aurora Sustainability, welcome and make yourself at home. Your lifestyle choices, from transportation to diet, impact the climate. But how do you know the size of your carbon footprint? And where do you begin to make a change? This is where we come in. We worked with quantitative analysts to develop a quiz that will estimate your carbon footprint in five areas: energy, transport, food, consumption and investments. Note: This is not a Buzzfeed quiz – and you can find out why here.

We’ve created an awesome dashboard where you’re able to log in and view your score, and find some helpful suggestions to reduce your carbon footprint – tailored specifically to you. You can retake the quiz or sections of the quiz any time to see how much you’ve improved and receive more customized advice. Feel free to share your score and challenge others to find out what theirs is.

We’re all in this climate change battle together, so let’s help each other improve.

You can read more about sustainable living, eating, fashion and beauty on our website, and chat to other people about their sustainability journeys on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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